The Fallis Balanced Saddle's rigging design reduces the bulk under the riders legs, permitting more leg contact and promoting more control. 

Thank you for visiting the John Fallis Custom Saddlery Web site. As a horseman as well as a saddle maker, I know how important it is to own and ride a quality, custom saddle.

If you're ready to buy a custom made saddle—made the way you want it— you deserve to know the man and the company you entrust with the responsibility to make that saddle for you.

I made my first saddle when I was 13 years old, and have been making them professionally for almost 40 years. My dad "Slim" Fallis trained me in my craft and worked with me for 14 years before his death in 1982.

When you buy an original Fallis Balanced saddle, I want you to ride with confidence and pride in your choice. You see, my name goes on every saddle I make. It's a name with over 55 years of tradition behind it, since 1951. I won't risk that hard earned reputation on any "short cuts" or compromises.

I personally make my saddles by hand from the best material I can purchase. The result is the most comfortable, practical, rideable saddle available. It is a saddle of uncompromising quality, with lasting service, at a fair price, that the serious horseman can still afford.

I enjoy making the best saddle I know how to make, and I intend to keep it that way so I can continue to give my customers and friends personal service.

John M. Fallis

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Seat design is nearly flat to place the rider into the groove and on the horse’s true center of gravity. 

Ride in Rhythm

  1. A TREE THAT FITS:This is an important feature of Fallis Balanced Saddles. The fork is not so wide that the rider cannot grip the horse, nor so narrow the rider cannot stabilize their self comfortably.


 Stirrups are designed to hang farther forward than conventional stirrups. This increases the riders stability and balance.