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FORWARD HUNG STIRRUPS: The Fallis Balanced Saddle is designed to hang farther forward than conventional stirrups, To increase the rider's stability and balance. Stirrup flyback is minimized. There is less swing because stirrps placed in a forward position creat more friction.

    The Fallis Balanced stirrup leathers can be placed in two alternate positions, Unless otherwise specified, the stirrups on your saddle will be hung in the most forward position-about four inches farther forward than conventional over-the-tree dtirrup leathers. The alternate placement is only twq inches farther forward then conventionaly located stirrups. Please specify rear hanging stirrups if you so prefer.

    The stirrup leathers are equipped with quick change buckles. A "catch" to adjust fender length on the tree at 1" entervales and one to adjust stirrup length, at 2" intervales.  Both are quick. Of course, either can be used separatly.These buckles permit you to adjust your Fallis Balanced Saddle approxamatly fourteen . An average nine-year old can ride on of my saddle quite easily.

Monkey Nose Tapaderos

Custom Ordered

Full Tame Rose

With Back Ground die

Fallis Latigo's

Buckle and snap replacement

REPAIR PARTS: Such as latigoes, and stirrup leathers can be ordered and usually sent out within a few days. Please call or email for prices and ordering.

REPAIRS: I repair all of my dad's saddles (Fallis Saddlery, Inc.)   Ctiy name stamps would be Grandy, CO, Longmont, CO and Elbert CO.

And of course all my own saddles. City name stamps would include, Elizabeth, CO, Wyarno, WY, Wilder, ID and presently Nampa, ID.

I can help with dating a saddle, looking up information,  and/or a formal appraisal. My charge  is $35 



Is nearly flat- to place the rider into the rider's grove, the horse's true center of gravity. The rider's weight is placed just where the horse can handle it the best. reducing the fatigue level of both horse and rider. The rider enjoys more freedom of movement without being forced to sit back on the cantle or be forced over the horn.  The bas cantle is 3 1/2 inches high, 4 inch is NC. other heights are available. Seat sizes, range from 13 1/2" to 16", over 16" is available, at an extra charge. Please specify Seat size.

BULKLESS RIGGING: The Fallis balanced Saddle rigging reduces the bulk under the riders legs, permitting more leg contact and promoting more control. The rigging is reinforced with rawhide for extra strength and flexibility. Because versatility is the key to every saddle design, my rigging holds the saddle in one position for every need, roping, cutting, trail riding, pleasure and show.

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​​A TREE THAT FITSThe tree design has been

rigorously tested on every type of horse and rider, is shaped to fit the majority of horses-when used with proper padding.

    Built normally for medium withered horses, it can be used on 85% of the horses ridden today. Lowering the tree for low woithered horses is not recomended. The medium tree will fit exactly the same because the bars have not been changed. The tree may appear to ride higher because the horse has no withers to fill up the gullet. If the fork is lowered, the saddle is usable on less than 30% of todays horses. If you have extremely high withered horses, however, please do specify.

All our trees are rawhide covered and have a tree company gurantee.