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Fallis Saddlery was started in 1951, by my dad, Merlyn “Slim” and mom, Johanna Fallis. They were the original makers of the Foreman Balanced Ride saddle and continued making them through 1982, when Slim passed away. I was learning to make saddles under my dad’s watchful eye starting in 1963, when I was 9. I built my first complete saddle when I was 13.

I started John Fallis Custom Saddles, Inc. in January of 1985. Dad was in business making the Fallis Saddle for 31 years, and to date, this is my 34th year making the Fallis Saddle, this makes 65 years between dad and myself making the very best saddle that I can. Our young customers from past decades are now reordering saddles preferring them to be lighter in weight, due to changes in their riding habits and wanting to lift a lighter weight saddle, knowing that it will be built and ride like they know the Fallis saddle to ride.

I have continued making our saddle with the very best leather and supplies that are on the market, Hermann Oak leather, tanned in St. Louis MO. Is the leather I use. I always use real sheep skin skirt liner, at times, some customers request synthetic wool, this will save 3 to 4 pounds of weight when the saddle is finished. Our saddle is the Cadillac of the balanced-ride type of saddles. We have made 15,000 saddles as a father-son business to date. I continues to offer the best customer service I can, answering questions, repairing our older saddles and striving to place all customers in a good quality, handmade saddle in good working shape.

To our new customers, looking for a saddle, that lets you ride in comfort, weather riding for pleasure, trail riding, competition or roping, the Fallis Balanced Saddle is made with a flatter seat, to put the rider into the riders grove of the horse. The stirrups are slightly  hung forward as if you were riding bareback, still being able to maintain the line through the back, hips and ankle. This relieves pain in the knees and ankles. Allowing you to ride longer and in comfort. All saddles are custom ordered to you, the customer, all stamping is by hand and every saddle is handcrafted.

Looking forward to being able to help you make the saddle that you would be happy to ride and own.

History of Fallis Saddles